Established in 1989, The Royal Group is the premier investment and development company in Cambodia.  The company is focused on bringing quality investment to Cambodia and providing investors with the platform to run successful and profitable operations. The company has a diverse portfolio of interests in a wide range of industries including telecoms, media, banking, insurance, resorts, education, property, trading and agriculture.

Cambodia’s booming economy, consistently one of the fastest growing globally, enjoys a stable political situation, together with the most welcoming and liberal, business, investment and trade environment in ASEAN.

An increasing number of world-class international investors are moving into Cambodia’s fast-expanding market, notably in banking, insurance, consumer and retail marketing, construction, energy, hotels and tourism, mining, cement production, agro-industry, export and domestic oriented manufacturing, as well as support sectors including industrial estates, ports, telecommunications and transport services.

For almost two decades, The Royal Group of Companies has been at the heart of this economic development attracting international investors and building market leaders in a cross section of industries.

The Royal Group is recognised as the country’s most dynamic and diversified business conglomerate. It was established as a strategic investment holding company and today maintains interests in telecommunications, information technology, finance, media and entertainment, power, property development, hospitality, transportation and trading, among others.

Cambodia has a young population and an emerging middle class providing a manpower and consumer pool that can revitalise the business environment for the long term. The Royal Group offers a steady stream of employment and career enhancement possibilities empowering people with broader lifestyle choices and higher standards of living. In turn, businesses will enjoy the advantage of well-educated and highly trainable workers who are also proactive and responsible consumers.

The Royal Group is the strategic investment gateway to a revitalized Cambodia. Having a history of successful, market leading partnerships with investors in a diverse range of industries, The Royal Group presents an overwhelming investment potential in one of the first truly free-market economies in the Mekong Region of Asia.


Investing in Cambodia 

New affluence is pervading Cambodia, from the boom in infrastructure development to the thriving telecommunications industry. The economy has been resurging, with a GDP that has increased impressively for two decades. Among top growth indicators is the emergence of a middle class and a consumer market that is predominantly young.

Cambodia is populated with more than 16 million people, half of whom are younger than 25 with a median age of 25 years. Adult literacy has hovered around 77% since 2000 while the urban population has grown at a rate of over 3% annually since 1990.

Urbanisation, growing literacy rates, and the return of many Cambodians from overseas are reshaping the landscape of Cambodia. The country has a young market and emerging middle class with an appetite for more convenience, better products and services, and boundless growth opportunities.

Tourism growth is impressive and provides the biggest contribution to growth in the services sector. It benefits hotels, restaurants, and casinos directly while extending gains to transportation, communication, retail trade, and finance. With the marvelous Angkor complex alone drawing tourists at impressive annual growth rates, tourism is poised to replace agriculture as the backbone of the national economy.

As a least developed country, Cambodia enjoys lucrative preferential access to the markets of Europe and North America, as well as access to free trade amongst member nations of the 650 million-strong ASEAN.

With low wages, a young and competitive population, liberal government policies, low tax regime and favourable access to wider markets, Cambodia represents an extremely attractive investment destination.

The Royal Group offers investors the platform to realise opportunities in a nation that counts among the most open economies in the developing world. Nurturing economic freedom and corporate responsibility, The Royal Group is a central part of Cambodia’s continuing development.

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