BRED BANK Logo CropBRED Bank Cambodia is a subsidiary of BRED Banque Populaire, a member of the BPCE Group, the 2nd largest banking group in France, serving more than 31.2 million customers, employing more than 100,000 people worldwide, and counting 9 million cooperative shareholders.

BRED Banque Populaire, a cooperative bank with shareholders’ equity of €2.9 billion and 140,000 cooperative shareholders at the end of 2014. It employs 5,000 people, 20% of whom work abroad and in the French overseas collectivities.

BRED Banque Populaire is established worldwide with subsidiaries located in the Horn of Africa (Djibouti), the Pacific region (New-Caledonia, Vanuatu and the Fiji Islands) and South-East Asia. 

After the successful launch of BFL (Banque Franco-Lao) in Laos in 2010, which currently operates 22 branches serving 30,000 customers, BRED Bank entered the Cambodian market in 2017 with the subsidiary BRED Bank Cambodia, the first European bank in the Kingdom. BPCE has an A/A+ rating, and is one of the banks with the highest possible international standards.

BBC is the single european bank for all in the kingdom ; our plan is to open 15 branches in 3 years and enter the top 10 banks within 5 years.

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