Introduction from Romdoul May, Director of the Department for International Trade, Cambodia

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Romdoul May CropThe Department for International Trade works closely with the British Embassy Phnom Penh to promote and facilitate trade between the UK and Cambodia.

We offer bespoke assistance for UK companies wishing to enter the Cambodian market, in partnership with the British Chamber of Commerce, which can facilitate a channel to a strong business network across Cambodia and Southeast Asia. We can also provide guidance on access to UK Export Finance, that will catalyse UK exports to Cambodia’s burgeoning economy.

There are many opportunities to be seized in Cambodia, especially in education, infrastructure, agri-tech, energy, transport, and luxury goods and vehicles. We encourage UK companies to explore the numerous business prospects in Cambodia and will support their efforts to do so!

Kind regards,


Romdoul May
Director of the Department for International Trade, Cambodia


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